DayBreaks for 09/13/11 – The Overriding Command

DayBreaks for 09/13/11 – The Overriding Command

The hidden will be made visible...

The time is coming when everything that is covered up will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all. – Luke 12:2

In the wake of the 2011 London riots, which included days of crazed, wild and uncontrollable looting and violence, Great Britain’s chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks decried the “moral disintegration” of the western world.  He said:

“[The rioters] are the victims of the tsunami of wishful thinking that washed across the West saying that you can have sex without the responsibility of marriage, children without the responsibility of parenthood, social order without the responsibility of citizenship, liberty without the responsibility of morality, and self-esteem without the responsibility of work and earned achievement.

“What has happened morally in the West is what has happened financially as well. Good and otherwise sensible people were persuaded that you could spend more than you earn, incur debt at unprecedented levels and consume the world’s resources without thinking about who will pay the bill and when ….

“There are large parts of Britain, Europe, and even the United States where religion is a thing of the past, and there is no counter-voice to the culture of buy it, spend it, wear it, flaunt it, because you’re worth it. The message is that morality is passé, conscience is for wimps, and the single overriding command is ‘Thou shalt not be found out.’” – Jonathan Sacks, “Reversing the Decay of London Undone,” The Wall Street Journal (8-20-11)

I sometimes wonder: would we sin nearly as often if we really believed that our sins will “find us out”, or to put it another way, if everything that we’ve hidden will be made as plain and as visible as day.  Every bank robber or criminal thinks that they’ll be able to get away with their crime.  And many don’t see what they are doing as wrong – somehow thinking that as long as they aren’t caught, that it isn’t really illegal.

With God, there is no way that what we have done will not be found out and made visible.  Think about that today when  you are tempted to do something in secret that you know is wrong, for nothing is really secret.

PRAYER: Don’t let us deceive ourselves foolishly thinking that what we do in secret will never be known or revealed!  Let us not be ashamed in the day of your glory!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2011 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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