DayBreaks for 07/28/11 – Seeing the Rabbit

DayBreaks for 07/28/11 – Seeing the Rabbit

There is a story from the Desert Fathers about a young monk who asked one of the old men of the desert why it is that so many people came out to the desert to seek God and yet most of them gave up after a short time and returned to their lives in the city.

The old monk told him, “Last evening my dog saw a rabbit running for cover among the bushes of the desert and he began to chase the rabbit, barking loudly. Soon other dogs joined in the chase, barking and running. They ran a great distance and alerted many other dogs. Soon the wilderness was echoing the sounds of their pursuit but the chase went on into the night.

After a little while, many of the dogs grew tired and dropped out. A few chased the rabbit until the night was nearly spent. By morning, only my dog continued the hunt. “Do you understand,” the old man said, “what I have told you?”

“No,” replied the young monk, “please tell me father.”

“It is simple,” said the desert father, “my dog saw the rabbit.”

Jesus told a parable about a man who one day in the market place saw the pearl of great price. The merchant understood at once the value of the commodity before him and he sacrificed everything to obtain it.

Have you seen Jesus?  There is a great difference in seeing Christianity and seeing Christ.  If we look at Christianity as modeled by Christians, we see something that is a far cry from seeing the Risen One.  If we are drawn to someone who is making “noise” for Jesus (someone who has seen Him and been ignited by that experience), we will weary of the pursuit of Christ.  We need personal, first-hand exposure and vision of Jesus, our Lord and King, if we are to have the energy and strength to pursue Him until that great morning breaks!!!

PRAYER: Jesus, I want to see you!  I want to hear your voice, feel your touch in my moments of pain and anxiety, to pursue you with all I am.  Help me to never get discouraged to the point that I stop in that pursuit!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2011 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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