DayBreaks for 7/27/11 – The Missing One

DayBreaks for 07/27/11 – The Missing One

The story, published in a British newspaper, began with the following sentence: “Heartfelt commiseration to Dorothy Naylor of Plymouth, whose recent day trip to Bridgewater was spoiled when her husband, Oliver, left her on the forecourt of a garage … and drove 17 miles before noticing his wife was not in the car.”

“I couldn’t believe he’d gone without me,” Mrs. Naylor told the Western Morning News. “I usually sit in the back because I can move around more, but normally we talk to one another.”

The couple, both in their 70s, had pulled into a garage to change a tire. Mr. Naylor drove off and didn’t notice his wife’s absence until he had arrived in Bridgewater. After stopping in town, he asked his wife, “Where do you want to get out?” When she didn’t answer, he turned around and discovered that he had left her behind. The paper added that the couple had been married for 40 years.

It is so very easy to make assumptions and take others for granted.  I see lessons here about communication, presence, marriage, etc., but it caused me to think about how aware I am of Jesus’ presence.  No matter where I am, He is there, but I often ignore Him, fail to talk with Him or make note of Him.  It is only when I find myself at some destination and look around and find that I have left Him out of my day, my life – for some period of time.

It is easy to go through a day without Living Water and Living Bread.  Our flesh desires the water and bread that corrupt and kill – and those are the things we tend to pursue when we are left to our own ways.

How tragic that we can journey so far and not once think of Him!  Perhaps we’d all do well to tie a string around our finger so that we can be reminded of Him more often!

PRAYER: Jesus, forgive me for the times I’ve left you behind – left you out of the daily goings-and-comings of my life.  Fuel in me a greater thirst for the Living Word, the Living One who died and is alive forevermore!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2011 by Galen C. Dalrymple.

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