DayBreaks for 06/09/11 – Off Course

DayBreaks for 06/09/11 – Off Course

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. – Psalm 119:105

Franklin Villca Huanaco was trying to reach Cochabamba where his mother had recently served a 3½-year prison sentence for drugs offences.

The boy hid in a container roughly the length of a body among the truck’s wheels, thinking it was heading to the Bolivian city 70 miles away. Its real destination was Iquique in northern Chile. The driver was unaware of the stowaway.

“I wanted to see my mother,” the boy told Chilean state television.

Authorities said the boy was lucky to survive the two-day journey without food or water while crossing Bolivia’s Andean altiplano, where temperatures at night can fall below freezing. He was only wearing pants, a shirt and ragged shoes.

A woman later found the boy wandering the impoverished streets of Alto Hospicio township, which neighbours Iquique, and took him to her home.  The boy is currently staying with the woman’s family. He is to be returned to his mother by a Bolivian official.

Huanaco’s parents were separated, and he had been living with his father and four siblings in their house in Oruro, Bolivia.  His mother, Zenobia Huanaco, was released from prison a month ago and had been working in the countryside outside of Cochabamba.

The courage of this boy is admirable.  His sense of direction is less admirable.  It made me consider how we may sometimes do something courageous, but wind up off-course nonetheless.  It happens oftentimes without intent – but it happens anyway.  Great intentions are not the same as good directions.

Read the right road map – and stay the course!

PRAYER: Lord, we have such a knack for getting on the wrong pathway!  Stand beside us and guide us in the way everlasting!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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