DayBreaks for 05/06/11 – Free At Last

DayBreaks for 05/06/11 – Free At Last

Freed...and ready to fly!

My 8 year old granddaughter was recently up to spend some time at our house during her Easter vacation.  One day I took her to see the recent Disney release, Rio, about a blue male macaw named “Blu” and the discovery that there was only one other blue macaw left in the world, named Jewel.  So, Blu and his owner leave freezing Minnesota behind and go to Rio to see Jewel.  Numerous misadventures result and during the process, Jewel finds out that Blu can’t fly.  He never learned how.

For a portion of the movie, the two birds are chained together…and have to walk everywhere as they try to get free.  Finally, they find a way to get the chain off and Jewel soars up and up, ecstatic with her freedom, while Blu sits on the ground watching.

As I witnessed that scene, I was taken back to some things that have happened recently, and in particular, a memorial service I conducted for an elderly man from our church who I am proud to say was my friend.  He was a veteran – a Marine, who served onboard a ship during WW2 as an anti-aircraft machine gunner.  He entered the service when he was only 16-1/2 (with his parent’s permission) because he was afraid the war would be over before he could serve.  He was among the first US troops to set foot on Japan as part of the occupation forces.  He became a homicide detective in LA after the war and was a thoroughly delightful man.  But his last few years were burdened with two broken hips and hip replacements, heart problems, etc.  He died after surgery to repair some abdominal problems…he never recovered and had to be taken off life-support by a grieving family.

As I watched Jewel soar after being set free from her chains, I was reminded of the destiny that awaits Jesus’ followers.  As Paul said, “I am hard pressed between the two. My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better. – Philippians 1:23  Paul understood that when we die, we haven’t died, but we have passed from death to life, our shackles have been removed and we will be free.

That joyous day is coming.  The chains will fall off and we will fly home at last!

PRAYER: Lord, we lift our voices to You to say we, too, long for the completion and perfection of  Your work in us that we will realize when You call us home in Your time!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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