DayBreaks 2/25/11 – The Intelligence of Sheep

DayBreaks 02/25/11 – The Intelligence of Sheep

Isaiah said it: All we like sheep have gone astray. – Isa. 53:6a  We are all “like sheep.”  That’s not a compliment in case you are wondering.

A professor of animal husbandry, Warren Gill, has been asked if sheep are dumb.  His answer was very interesting: “It depends on how you define intelligence.  A sheep has precisely the correct amount of intelligence it needs to function as a sheep.”

At first glance, that seems rather obvious – a statement that doesn’t even need to be made.  There is no sheep in this world that can function as an astronaut, a lawyer, or doctor.  Sheep just aren’t meant to do those things.  We have enough intelligence, as humans, to act like the “sheep” of His pasture are expected to act.  You have precisely the right amount of intelligence you need to function as you.

To continue with the sheep analogy, Jesus said, I know my sheep, and my sheep know me just as the Father knows me, and I know the Father, and I lay down my life for the sheep. Do you see how this relates to the intelligence a sheep has?  We have enough intelligence to recognize and know the Good Shepherd and to recognize His voice.  We don’t have enough intelligence to lead the sheep.  We don’t have enough intelligence to be the shepherd.  But we do have enough to recognize Him.

Sheep, by nature, are not leaders.  Sheep are followers.  We will follow someone, something.  If there is no shepherd around, sheep will follow the sheep that is in front of them…and they will follow them right over the edge of a cliff.  Who are you following?  Are you hearing the voice of other sheep, or the voice of the Shepherd who longs to lead you into green pastures where you will be safe, cared for and loved.

PRAYER: Free us from our tendency to close our ears to the voice of the shepherd, and to follow would-be shepherds who would lead us to disaster and death.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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