DayBreaks 02/21/11 – Looking in the Right Places

DayBreaks 02/21/11 – Looking in the Right Places

Do you remember playing “hide and seek” as a kid?  I always enjoyed being the one who did the hiding, not the one who did the seeking.  Now that I’m older and more forgetful, it seems I do a lot of “seeking” for things – I can’t remember where I put them or where it was that I last saw them!


Looking in the Right Places

In Matthew 6:17-34, Jesus talks about vision and light – where we look and what we look for.  One way to look at this section of Scripture is to see it that it describes how we view the world and our existence.


The first part talks about where we put our treasure, what we value – because that is what we will pursue (our heart will be where our treasure is.)  Then, verses 22-24 give us a clue about how our hearts form their treasure: it is what we put our eye/focus on.  If we have an unhealthy focus and look at the wrong things in life, we will be full of darkness.  If we look at the Light of the World, we will be full of light.

The remaining verses deal with our fears about what will happen to us if we put our eyes on the right things: will I have food, shelter, clothing?  Birds sing their song all day long and never worry about such things because God provides and they apparently trust in that.  (Which, as a side note makes me wonder: do birds and other animals have awareness of God?  They must – or otherwise this doesn’t make much sense – if they are just unthinking creatures, what is the point of saying that they don’t worry?  They would have to have the capacity to worry or this is a pretty meaningless statement by Jesus.)

Finally, verse 33 is the statement of what our focus and vision, and therefore our hearts, should be set upon: the kingdom of God and His righteousness.  This isn’t thinking about how righteous God is – it’s about the outworking of His righteousness in us!

It’s not easy in a world that bombards us with visual imagery of material things at every turn: billboards, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, television…all drawing our eyes away from spiritual things and trying to get us to focus on worldly things – food, clothing, raiment, power, position and worldly glory.  Fixing our eyes on those things is a symptom of a spiritual issue: that we think we must take care of ourselves because we don’t trust God to do it.

How do you set your eyes on the right things?  The heart of Jesus must be formed in us so that we see the world with His eyes and not our own.

PRAYER: Lord, how attracted we are to things that are destined to pass away!  Give us eyes to see value and worth and importance as You see it!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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